Studying Abroad

Mobility program for Universidad CAECE students

Interested students shall initiate the process of applying for admission to the university they have chosen, taking into account the pre-existing interinstitutional agreement and the requirements set by the receiving university.

It is important to note that students shall not buy tickets or hire accommodation until admission to the university to which they will go is obtained.

Students shall seek advice on immigration requirements of the country of destination. Generally, students require a special visa.

It is desirable that the student interested in the mobility program is averaging his course of study at the time of applying.

Even though interinstitutional mobility agreements may exist, universities may reserve the right to admit students.

They can request additional information to the area of International Relations at

Procedure and aspects to consider

Choice of subjects to be taken: The student requests the corresponding area of the university of destination (pre-existing interinstitutional agreement) the syllabuses of the subjects that he/she is interested in taking and requests the academic authorization from Universidad CAECE so that, upon his/her return, the subjects are recognized in accordance with the documentation sent by the receiving university.

The student is responsible for obtaining the information related to the receiving university, academic calendar, campus, courses, calls, forms and specific documentation of the Mobility Program.

The costs of transfers, accommodation, travel expenses, and immigration fees shall be paid by the students.

Fees pertaining to subjects and other academic charges shall be paid at the sending university if the interinstitutional agreement so provides.

Universidad CAECE does not inform or perform immigration procedures. The student shall be sent to the Consulates or Embassies of the country of destination and request the immigration requirements.

When the student receives the notification from the university that accepts his/her Application for Admission, he/she shall send the documentation required, by email, with a copy to the area of International Relations, to

If the student makes changes in the subjects that he/she selected and that were authorized for the mobility program, he/she is responsible for obtaining authorization from the receiving university and informing Universidad CAECE so that it can formalize the changes.

The possibility of working during the stay period in the foreign country will depend on the immigration requirements of that country.